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3.5 mm wired earphone earbuds
Metal Wired In Ear Earphone

wired metal 3.5mm earphone earbuds

  • Ergonomic In-Ear Design: The wired earphone/wired earbuds/metal earphone/3.5mm earphone is ergonomically designed to wear firmly so you can wear them for a long time, fit comfortably and bring you a quality sensory and music experience. Also presented with different sizes of skin-friendly and soft buds (L/M). 
  • Built-In microphone and Multi-Function Button: wired earphone/wired earbuds/metal earphone/3.5mm earphone wired with a microphone allow for hands-free communication when you wear an in-ear headset, high-definition calls, and no-noise speech. The one-touch multi-function button at the microphone allows you to play, pause, answer/end calls, and skip/previous song without picking up the phone, making operation very convenient. 
  • Anti-Winding Wire Design: wired earphone/wired earbuds/metal earphone/3.5mm earphone with ultra-tough thread lightweight design, environmental health feel comfortable, with anti-winding function, easy to store, not easy to break, to maintain the service life. 
  • Wide Compatibility: wired earphone/wired earbuds/metal earphone/3.5mm earphone for 3.5mm headphone jack devices with gold-plated connectors, you can get a consistent sound transmission from your device, ideal for iphone devices, android smartphones, ipods, ipads, mp3 players, music speakers, computer headphones, laptops, and most other 3.5mm headphone jack devices with wired earphone/wired earbuds/metal earphone/3.5mm earphone.